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Adorable Little Girl Denim Dress

Posted on September 21 2016

Classic Girl's dark blue denim dress

The other day my daughter’s class had a field trip to an apple orchard and bee farm. It was a beautiful fall day up north of San Francisco in Sebastopol. Most of the children, including myself, wore jeans. It was suggested we layer up as it’s often foggy in the morning then sunny in the afternoon.

My little Classic Girl won’t wear pants, let alone jeans. As we were laying out our clothes the night before she said, “Mommy, I could wear the “Walk in the Park” sample denim dress”. It was her attempt at jeans and it was the perfect apple picking dress, and cute, as well as classic, of course.

Our “Walk in the Park” dress should be out of the factory soon. I’m hoping to have it in a week or two. I did just spend my weekend tying bows for this dress and a couple of others (yes, I tend to micromanage things just a bit). It’s the perfect dress for layering an undershirt, short or long sleeve shirt, sweater and/or leggings. Layer it up or down it’s a simple, yet adorable little classic girl denim dress.  

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