Get to know Classic Girl

Welcome to Classic Girl —I’m so glad you  stopped by!

Each of us has a special little girl in our lives, whether she’s a daughter, granddaughter, niece, or daughter of a friend; a little girl who shines with her own unique light.

Classic Girl was inspired by the special little girl in my own life, my daughter, and my quest to find clothing for her that was everything we needed it to be: as timelessly beautiful as the dresses worn by our favorite classic silver-screen movie stars, age-appropriate, versatile, a delight to wear, and easy to care for.

Little girls deserve quality and elegance, too.

I’d always dreamed of starting my own fashion line, but I had never considered making children’s clothing—until one day, when, standing in the children’s department of a major store, my daughter turned to me and asked if we were in the teen department. Looking around me, I could see her point; surely all of those short skirts, torn jeans, crop tops, and in-your-face slogans, weren’t designed for a six-year-old? Since when did it become okay to dress our little girls like adults? 

That’s when the various different pieces of my story finally clicked into place and became the idea for a line of classic dresses for girls.

Timeless styles that respect every facet of her personality.

My daughter may be an Audrey Hepburn fan who delights in drinking out of pretty china teacups, but she’s also a kid who loves to run, play, and get dirty. When we set about designing dresses together, we knew that we wanted to come up with classic styles to make every day feel special, while also being utterly practical and wearable.

We choose the fabrics for our dresses with the utmost care, making sure they feel and hang just right, and wash well; each fabric is put through a careful wash test before we decide which ones to use.

I’ve collected vintage dress patterns for years, and they’re an endless source of inspiration for our dresses. Each and every piece is designed to be treasured and to stand the test of time so it can be lovingly passed to another classic girl when the time is right.

Ethical production from our small, family-run business.

All of our dresses are sewn in a local factory right here in San Francisco; for me, this approach makes sense because it not only ensures that we end up with the highest quality dresses, but it also means that I can make sure our dresses are lovingly crafted in good working conditions. It’s really important to me that I’m able to drop by the factory any time and see how things are going.

It’s hard enough to find a style that you and your little girl both love—even harder to find a high-quality USA-sewn dress that isn’t prohibitively expensive. Our commitment to making these things easier for you, along with providing incredible customer service, is part of what makes Classic Girl so special.

Our shared passion for our precious girls is at the heart of everything we do.

This business has grown and developed as my own little girl has grown, but our values remain the same: I truly believe that beautiful, classic dresses can empower our girls by giving them the confidence they need to navigate life and all the adventures it holds for them.

When we’re dressed well, whether it’s just for an ordinary day in the park, or for picture day at school, we can stand a little taller. I’ve seen how the right dress can inspire my own daughter to be her best self, and I want to give that gift to every little girl out there who needs it.

So, cheers to the special girls in our lives, and the incredible women that they’ll become! It’s my honor to support you and your girls, whatever the occasion, with dresses that are worthy of you and all your dreams.

~ Krista

Founder of Classic Girl