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There are many books, philosophies and parenting styles in the world these days. Ultimately we all do our best to provide happy and loving homes for our children. This also includes filtering out what is not age-appropriate whether it is media, music or clothing.  

Over the years I have enjoyed the advice of author Kim John Payne from @SimplicityParenting. He stated in a recent webinar, “We are living an undeclared war on childhood. A lot is coming at kids. Parents have shared concerns that too much is coming at our kids too soon, too sexy, too young – this is a problem. Something is simply not right. What can we do about this? What is doable? How can we stay in the flow, connected and take what is great and leave the rest? How can we filter out stresses? Very few of us adults have had to cope with as much that is coming at our kids today.”

At CGC Classic Girl Clothing we are trying to do our part to help parents, grandparents and friends keep the children in their lives children as long as possible. Every little bit helps and that is why we launched CGC Classic Girl Clothing. We offer quality, age-appropriate, classic style dresses that little girls love to wear.

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