Classic Girl on the beach in the summer

Classic Girl remembers summer...

Now is the time to remember the things you did well and the things you don’t want to repeat again next summer. I’m a big fan of lists and notes to myself for the future.

Lessons I’ve learned this summer: I want to remember to never schedule one long trip with only one day in between another long trip. Also, to confirm and double-check all camps and dates and even plane tickets. So yes, my daughter and I showed up at the airport on a Saturday when our flight was actually on Sunday. The baggage handler at curbside check-in asked me if I had trouble checking in online, and I said yes. He said that’s because your flight is tomorrow. Oops, big mistake. Can you imagine two days in a row up at 5 am with an eight-year-old off to the airport for an all-day flight? It was a bummer, unfortunately not my only blunder this summer. I messed up a couple of my daughter’s camps and donated her new ice skates, instead of the old ones.

I once said when starting this business that I had hoped to be able to have my cake and eat it, too. Well, I may have messed up quite a few things this summer, but we still managed to have an awesome summer and did further the business, even if slowly. 

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