Founder, Krista, with daughter in NYC

Does comfortable mean sloppy? No, it absolutely does not.

I was downtown today, a little early for an appointment, so I did some window shopping. Just have to talk a bit about the window at Gap Kids. It read, “The Most Comfortable Kids Ever." Sounds nice, right? Well, the child-sized manikins looked like sloppy little homeless people.

I think the window should have said, The Sloppiest Kids Ever! Seriously, people.

When did comfortable turn into sloppy? As a matter of fact, this summer we saw people in pajamas on our flight to visit grandma. And, it wasn’t an overnight flight, nor were the children. When did it become okay to wear PJ’s on an airplane or outside of your home? 

Classic Girl wants you to know children can be comfortable and appropriate at the same time. You will find our dresses are cozy, comfortable and appropriate. 

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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