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Don't let your little girl overheat after back to school shopping!

The thing I remember most about back to school shopping is the clothes that are new in stores for back to school are fall and winter clothes. Juxtapose that with the warm weather most of our country is still experiencing when we go back to school. Especially now that schools are starting earlier and earlier each year :( Here in San Francisco our weather doesn’t warm up until September, October, and November.

Growing up in Sacramento, we would do our back to school shopping and buy a few new outfits just before school started. I was always super excited about the first day of school and to wear one of my new outfits. When I was younger, I would wear one of these new outfits on the first day of school, even though it was not weather appropriate. While I felt, I looked cute in my new outfit, in my air-conditioned house, I roasted at school. One year I almost overheated when I wore a new fall outfit in over 100-degree weather.  

I love shopping, but it is important to let your little one know when she will be able to wear these new clothes, possibly not right away. Little girls especially, want to wear a new outfit on the first day of school and that’s another reason why at Classic Girl Clothing we keep all our season's clothes in our store year-round. If you are in warmer weather year-round you can always find a dress or likewise in May, we sold a couple of our winter dresses to people who live in South America because it was the start of their winter. Whatever your season Classic Girl Clothing has you covered.

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