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Etiquette - When did “No Problem” become good manners?

Since when did “no problem” replace “thank you”? I know you’ve all heard it when a young millennial type is doing their job, either assisting you to make an appointment or charging you for a cup of coffee, that you probably poured yourself, and you say “thank you” then they, in turn, say “no problem” as if it isn’t their job and they went out of their way to do you a favor.

I understand slang, but isn’t that phrases like “what’s up” or “dude” instead of “hello”. But, “no problem” implies you went out of your way to do something, which is your job. This is not being cool! In my opinion, it's rude as if you did something you didn't want to do in the first place.

Show respect for yourself, your job and the customer you are serving. Saying “you are welcome,” says you provided a service for which you were paid and you appreciate having a job.

Classic Girl wishes as a society we would all try a little harder to be respectful. If we don’t, before we know it our culture will become so sloppy we will show up for work in PJs and give a nod at best. 

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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