Let Girls Be Girls

Let Girls Be Girls

I am passionate about helping moms help their girls stay young as long as possible. It will bring them lasting confidence at a young age by not growing up too fast.

Classic Girl represents moms that want their daughters to be free to dress in an age-appropriate manner and have fun doing it. It’s such a confidence builder to be able to stand out in a crowd because they look nice and have confidence not because their bum is showing under their short shorts or that they are showing off their mid-drift. I want moms and daughters to know it is okay to wait until they are adults to look like one.

I want to start a conversation with parents and girls and ask the question, why does our society and mainstream clothing industry want our girls to grow up fast? Our girls are being forced by social media to grow up too fast, too sexy, too young!

Moms need to know that they are doing a great job and it's important to stay true to themselves and not give in to these social pressures!

They are only young once! Sure it might be cute to have your little girl wear make-up and play dress up at home but she will be there before you know it. Believe me, it used to drive me crazy when people would come up to me and say “enjoy it now because they grow up so fast”  I know it's super annoying to hear this but it’s true. So why rush it?

Let her wear bows until she doesn’t want to, let her wear dresses on all occasions even at school (as long as they are machine washable), let her wear fun twirly slips under dresses, let her wear frilly nightgowns.

I actually had a teacher of my daughter once tell me that my daughter should try and dress more like the other kids, which unfortunately was sloppy. If she can play and have fun why not look nice at school, at least start the day off looking nice. Some children almost look like they are wearing their pajamas to school or that they slept in their clothes. It is outrageous that this has become the norm in some parts of the country. How did we get here?

Since this past holiday season, I have a renewed sense of passion for what we are doing here at Classic Girl Clothing. I have received many comments thanking us for bringing back a sense of normalcy into their lives with classic styles for their daughters. I intend to blog more this year and channel this passion into new designs that girls can feel confident in wearing and support moms with age-appropriate styles.

Happy New Year!
Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
PS. The featured photo was taken a couple of years ago as my daughter was playing outside a restaurant garden in Amsterdam. In this photo, she was wearing our Go Anywhere Dress in yellow.











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