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Making the best of a bad situation

Posted on July 01 2017

American Girl Doll in a homemade outfit

We are in Texas visiting Grandma (my mom) and the weather is crazy. Today it is going to be 109 degrees and the state has issued a heat advisory for people to stay inside. I woke up early to go for a walk because it is 80 degrees by 7 am.

Coming from San Francisco, we are not used to the heat. The hottest it ever gets is maybe 80 degrees, and that is only a handful of days in a year. Usually, a hot day is 75 and everyone complains. Since it never gets hot we don’t have air-conditioning, only class A buildings, nice restaurants, downtown shops or a mall have to air-condition in San Francisco.

After today’s heat weave we are supposed to get three days of T-Storms. This should be exciting for my daughters as it’s been a while since she has seen a big Texas sky open-up and pour with lightning and thunder while it’s hot out.

In preparation for our impending situation, we went to Hobby Lobby, a large craft store. We don’t have this store in San Francisco so this was a treat for my daughter. We purchased lots of fabric and trims to make doll clothes. We don’t have a pattern so we are going to wing it and get creative. My daughter always travels with a doll and this one, Samantha, is going to get a new wardrobe in the next few days. We are all looking forward to this inside inspiring activity.

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