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Micro Managing - Should I, or shouldn't I?

Posted on October 01 2016

Classic Girl bows for dresses

We think micromanaging is a good thing when it comes to our product. A few of our dresses have bows on them and since I’m a particularly picky person I want to tie all the bows myself. It does seem a bit ridiculous when we are paying a factory to sew our dresses that I would spend my time tying bows, but I want to offer you the best possible product. Yes, even if this slows the process down, I want our cute little dresses to be perfect!

Recently, I tied over a couple of hundred bows. About one hundred were dark blue denim and my hands turned blue. So, I decided to get all the denim dresses from the factory and wash them all before offering them for sale. This denim dress, “Walk in the Park”, will still bleed a little bit, but it won’t be nearly as bad as the first time. It was a lot of work! However, it is important to Classic Girl that your children don’t turn blue. We know most people wash clothes before wearing them, especially denim. But, I also know that sometimes it is difficult for my little Classic Girl to wait for me to wash a new little dress that we have just received.

Yes, sometimes it's a waste of time to be a micromanager, but sometimes it’s important when it comes to a product offering. I think you will be happy with the bows on our dresses, which we will have very soon. 

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing

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