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Our first photo shoot...

Getting ready for our first photoshoot has been beyond crazy. In the beginning, all I thought we needed were our dresses, kids and a photographer. Well, getting a photographer on short notice for a Saturday in San Francisco during the fall is impossible. So, I decided to go with a lean crew on a Friday.

I started ordering shoes, tights, socks, and bows for our photoshoot in a week and a half. Even though it was a week and a half out, I still paid for 2-day shipping, just to be safe. Well, three pairs of shoes were not going to arrive on time, so I left a couple of messages with the company last Thursday. Later in the day, I realized that the company was in Miami, Florida and this was the Thursday before the predicted storm (Hurricane Matthew) in Miami. I was told by UPS later that day that the shoes weren’t even near San Francisco.

I needed to scramble and go buy shoes at a local department store. They were not nearly as cute as the three pairs from Florida, but I needed something. To my surprise, one of the partners from the Miami shoe company phoned me to say, sorry and to try to come up with a solution. I felt bad because I worried he should have been preparing for the storm and he said, “he was prepared and he understood how important a photoshoot is to your business”. He phoned a store he sells to in Los Angeles to see if they had the shoes and then they could overnight them to me. Unfortunately, the LA store did not have the shoes I needed, but it was a nice try.

Then I realized my little Classic Girl’s white tights had grass stains on the knees, not ideal for a photoshoot. I phoned the ballet store, which is across town and raced over to buy new tights. All this last-minute running around caused me to drop off my little classic girl 30 minutes late to an hour-long dance class. Winning :) 

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