Classic Girl Clothing pink velvet party dress

"Ask Classic Girl" Q&A

This Q&A is about how to style our velvet dress.


"I recently purchased the adorable pink velvet dress and I noticed on your website you paired it with the same color pink ballet flats. I love the monochromatic look, but I think I might have a hard time finding the shoes in the exact color. Also, what hair accessories would you recommend for this dress?”


You're not alone when it comes to wanting to style what you purchased in the exact way you saw it styled by the designer or on a manikin. We always recommend a pair of nice black patent leather ballet flats with any of our velvet dresses. It’s fun to be monochromatic when you can, but often it’s difficult to match exactly. The pink patent ballet flats we used in our photoshoot are from Zappos - "Nina Ballet Flats".

For special occasions, we recommend white tights, my Classic Girl loves Bloch Ballet tights. Also, regarding hair accessories, we love Wee One's hair bows. They come in many different sizes and lots of colors. We recommend having a basic white in your collection. For a fancier look, the white satin bow is perfect. For every day, we suggest the regular ribbon bows. In addition, we also sell lovely full slips and they look great with our velvet dresses.

We hope this helps…
Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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