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Who doesn't love amazing customer service?

Classic Girl would like to take this opportunity to talk about another important aspect of our brand. At Classic Girl Clothing, customer service is the ultimate in class and every Classic Girl has class. In recent days we have had the privilege of experiencing two companies with exceptional customer service.

Our first experience was with Zappos. I ordered my daughter four pairs of new school shoes to find two were the wrong size and one was very uncomfortable, so one out of four worked. Immediately, I phoned Zappos and they without hesitation sent me an email with a free return label.   All I needed to do was tape up the same box and return it. Even better, they sent us the two other pairs of shoes in the correct size before receiving the returns.  As expected, I did need to provide them with my credit card information once more just in case they never received the returns, which I actually thought was reasonable. In this instance, we didn’t need the speedy exchange service, but just think about how many times in life you needed the shoes asap, and you had to wait for the company you ordered from to receive the return first.

The second recent exceptional customer service experience Classic Girl had was with a company called Lights & Décor. We ordered a long string of globe lights, 100 little globe lights, and started hanging them up all around our office. The lights looked amazing until about the last two feet were being hung and we accidentally broke one bulb which seemed to short out the entire string. So, I phoned Lights & Décor and they were very nice and it was easy to talk with a real person on the phone who walked me through changing a small fuse on the inside of the plug. They had placed two fuses inside the plug. It was brilliant, right there was the blown fuse and a backup fuse, all I needed to do was take out the blown fuse and replace it with the backup fuse. If that wasn’t awesome enough, the representative offered to send me a few extra complimentary fuses. Now that’s what I call thinking . . . bravo for quality customer service. 

Classic Girl is going to strive for this type of customer service and make every effort toward prompt exchanges and easy transactions. And like Zappos, we are beginning small and can provide personalized family service. Thus, as we expand we hope to continue as they have to be our best and repeatedly earn your patronage through growth together as business owner and customer. Classic Girl is making a commitment to strive for exceptional customer service, the type you want to tell your friends and family about.

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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