CGC founder's daughter at a talent show wearing a CGC dress

With Self-Confidence We Can Do Anything!


Recently we took our annual camping trip to the Lair of the Golden Bear - Cal Berkeley’s alumni family campground. This is a great trip for kids, they have friends that they see every year and tons of outdoor activities. I think most colleges have an alumni campground. Some, like ours, are more rustic than others. I highly recommend checking into it, because typically you go the same week and have the same tent/cabin every year, which makes it a lot easier for everyone to make friends.

Most nights Camp Lair has a campfire and a show put on by the staffers who are college students. Once a week the show is a talent show and all the campers that want to participate do, and everyone feels like a winner. It’s a great time and an opportunity for kids to perform with a very friendly audience.

My daughter sang “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” and just like last year she wanted to wear one of our CGC Classic Girl dresses for good luck. She chose our “Walk in the Park” denim blue dress which is great for Cal colors of blue and gold. She also styled her look with one of our gold bows.

We all do better when we have confidence and when we know we look good we have more confidence! It takes a lot of self-confidence to sing a solo in front of more than 300 people. We are so proud of our little Classic Girl. This is her second year singing in the talent show and she did a great job! #GoBears

Founder, Classic Girl Clothing
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